About Tracker

Once you’ve completed a Compass evaluation for your school or college, you can use our careers planning tool, Tracker, to record and manage your careers plan for the year.

With each completed careers activity, class or event, Tracker helps you to record and identify how you are improving your careers education activity against the eight benchmarks of best practice – known as the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Tracker is free to use for all schools and colleges.

Tracker in 90 seconds

Our short video describes the features and benefits of Tracker. 

Features and benefits 

  • Build and manage your annual plan for careers and enterprise activity, targeted to gaps
  • Easily record events, classes and all careers activities in one place
  • Download and share your plan with colleagues
  • Evaluate the success of completed activities

Access Tracker

Access the Tracker tool by logging into your account. If you haven’t got an account yet, set one up for your school or college.


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